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Introducing Dental Implants

The Crossings Dental Center is constantly updating their skills to provide you with the most radiant smile.  Ask our dentists about the use of Dental Implants.  These Implants are so natural looking that you just might forget that it isn’t your real tooth.  Implants are not only beautiful, but help with providing comfort in chewing and eating, filling in a space where you have lost a tooth, helping when your dentures don’t feel secure and even helping support a bridge or eliminating the need for removable partial denture.  Ask about this new procedure today.

An implant is thin metal cylinder surgically implanted into the bone of the jaw to replace the root of a missing tooth. One kind of implant has a metal frame and one or more posts. The frame is positioned on the jawbone, then covered with gum tissue so that the pin(s) protrude into the mouth.

Another kind of implant has a metal "root" that is anchored in the jawbone and a pin that protrudes into the mouth. Pins for both kinds of implants can secure a single crown or a complete denture.